Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I'M ALL FOR FEMINISM. I've been learning about it lately. And for a guy who has spent most of his life providing the house, the new cars, clothes, and expensive jewelry for women, what an eye opener this movement is. Apparently, i don't have to buy the food, pay for the tickets, get you expensive gifts and do all that freebie stuff cuz the feminist movement says those actions belittle women and make them dependent upon men and create a mindset of perceptive weakness from the male gender to the female. I never knew that. Mainly, because i never thought that way. But, feminists tell me that oh yes, all men do. Really... So, as my lesbian dentist has advised, women should be treated just like my males friends in all ways. All ways...okay. And I want to do the 21st century thing you all want from us men. Right girls?

Apparently, when men buy a woman a drink, we are actually acting out some kind of rape scenario by getting women defenseless and drunk. Never knew that. And by showering a woman with gifts and terms of endearment, we are minimizing their self-empowerment and belittling them with chauvinistic attitudes. Saying things like sweetheart, and darling, are actually attacks against a woman's self-esteem. I use terms of endearments with people I care about and have affection for, but apparently I'm some kind of retarded programmed pig for doing so. The good news is, thanks to the feminist movement, I am changing my ways. And I am trying hard.

So if I suggest some kind of dinner or evening out, I'll be sure to check my privilege and let you decide everything including how it all goes down financially, so I don't suppress you, your self-esteem, and right to self-determination. See, I've learned new phrases and ideologues. And I used to think that when you cared for someone, it didn't matter what it cost to help them, show kindness in all ways, especially financial, and by assisting them with whatever needs they have. Turns out, us men are backward, patriarchal bullies, who need to knock off all that HONEY and DARLING and other blather, keep it an even keel and especially make sure that we keep our stunted ideas of providing, doing, looking after your needs, and other things we happily do without being asked or told, because we are on some subconscious, subtle way, invoking our male privilege and dominating your life in an oppressive and gender abusive way. Feminists are the new branding of the coming years, what with Hillary coming into power and men being taken down at every single turn. Well, I'm ahead of the male curve. I intend to give modern woman everything they've been wanting and for years, apparently. Get me.

Entitlement - gold diggers expecting men to pay for everything...OR ELSE