Wednesday, May 31, 2017



NASA Uses Barrel Distortion

The Moon Rock Dilemma

Mexican Guy Laughing At Moon Landings

12 reasons why the satanic system destroys your children through school

The Daily Messenger: 12 reasons why the satanic system destroys your ch...: 1. Twelve years in jail In Thirteen Reasons , Hannah, the bullied protagonist has no way to escape a toxic environment. Her helpless po...

Friday, May 26, 2017

BODY SLAMMED! Female Gets Taste of Gender Equality After Shoving Boy

FUCK YOU WHITEY SEZ WHITE FEMINISTS: Meanwhile At Evergreen College, Police Tell Profes...

The Daily Messenger: Meanwhile At Evergreen College, Police Tell Profes...: Blacks and feminsists and jihadis are on a kidnap whitey rampage and the POLICE ARE STATING ON CAMERA THEY DO NOT INTEND TO ARREST ANYONE. ...

Women Before And After Feminism ()

Women's Soccer Team Gets spanked By 15 Year Old Boys MGTOW

find divorce attorney - woman admits to cheating on husband on game show...

the BEST Flat Earth PROOF of God [5/26/2017]

the BEST Flat Earth PROOF of God [5/26/2017]

Coach predicts Dudes Future with a fat Woman /MGTOW

Coach predicts Dudes Future with a fat Woman /MGTOW

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chris Evans takes revenge on ex girlfriend

Why Men Start Ghosting In This Society - nasty feminist lesbos

Nasty smelling skanks who don't wash: Hillary's vicious lesbian attack dog, Wasserman Sc...

The Daily Messenger: Hillary's vicious lesbian attack dog, Wasserman Sc...: Caught On Tape Something stinks here. As it always does with stunted souls who smell like rotting tuna. The Anwan brothers, the (No...

Seth Rich murdered by CIA operatives after exposing Hillary and Podesta as child raping satanists

The Daily Messenger: Seth Rich murdered by CIA operatives after exposin...: He died exposing the DNC's constant breaking of state and federal laws, including SPIRIT COOKING AND CHILD SACRIFICE AND SLAVERY. No ...

Like Fuckerberg, Elon Musk is the network's meme face of going green, "Apollo missions were real", and electric tax-payer funded cars that only the rich can afford are the way to go front man. In short, an Operations field officer complete with huge pride filled ego and littering the landscape with lies

Meme front man, like Fuckerberg and others, his worship Elon Muskovite
His name was Seth Rich

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Advice for Suicidal Men

draconian divorce laws

Ex Girlfriend kills you over the Christmas Time

I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has scared pedophile John Podesta and lesbian witch Hillary and her sea of coven skank whores

The Daily Messenger: I know for certain that the Seth Rich case has sca...: Last week, Fox News dropped a bombshell report officially confirming, via anonymous FBI sources, what many had suspected for quite some...

Father, I ask on the NAME AND BLOOD OF YESHUA, OUR KING AND CHRIST, that you bind all demons sent against us, Trump, his admin, et al, and send them to the dry places. I invoke and ask per Matthew 24, what I bind on earth, you will bind in heaven.

I also ask that you cut the cords between these devils and witches between the demons and principals in High Places and return to them 1000 fold that evil which they send to us and to all your elect, everywhere.

Let it be so. In the name and blood of Christ. Amen.

All you practitioners of black magic, who employ spells, and invoke demons...I ask and pray to our father and Yeshua that you and they be banished to the dry places and your magic and magical intent be returned to you 1000 fold against you. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, per Matthew 24

Bind in heaven and earth Father, that which I bind here.

Let their mouths be shut, their knees buckle, and your light shine from above. Yeshua is the true King of Earth. a sissy little coward.

Father...Yeshua...slay the demonic forces that these nephilim freaks seek and disable, weaken, and bring to ruin all who call upon and use hexes, spells, dark rituals, and all manner of making.

Destroy them Father. Lay snares for their path and bring them low, cast them into the dry places, to return no more.


THese so called actresses are nasty lesbian satanic whores of lucifer, their chief coward and wanker. I pray thee Father, weaken and disable these concubines of darkness and send them to the dry places, as per Matthew 24

bill burr dont let girlfriend move in

Women rarely accept break ups because they want to control the ending to serve them

Peter Lloyd Explains Fox TV Why Men Don't Marry Anymore!! MGTOW

Women dont like men having fun outside of a relationship/marriage (mgtow)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Daily Messenger: Pepsi’s CEO (it is to laugh) no longer wants the b...

The Daily Messenger: Pepsi’s CEO (it is to laugh) no longer wants the b...: Self-confessed lesbian witch, wants all white males to STOP using Pepsi, as it sends the wrong message to people of color. You can't ...

The Daily Messenger: An actual ad for the coming Jihadi takeover of our...

The Daily Messenger: An actual ad for the coming Jihadi takeover of our...: Give up your guns, let us marry your daughters, and give us money. Be sure to put up those BLM signs in your yard so your neighbors know ...


The Daily Messenger: This was the scene America narrowly avoided when L...

The Daily Messenger: This was the scene America narrowly avoided when L...: Lesbian Satanists in Power...this country is under attack in every effort expended to erase the Adamic bloodline of Yeshua through cross ...


The Daily Messenger: you can find many more photos of independent, empo...

BitterBitchMarch - no kidding, that's the name the fascists call their march

Lesbian witches want the death of the white man, to kill out the bloodline of Adam anyway possible. It's the point of all this open border shit.

am convinced that the elegant mechanisms nature employs to cleanse dead weight from the system have been thwarted, momentarily, by modernity. But you cannot subvert nature. A correction is inevitable. The Trumpening was not just a prolific political correction, but an inescapable consequence.

The decline of our once great nation can be summarized in this photo taken from the raging cunt march, which in itself is a great anecdote for our social degeneration.

Everywhere in the photo you see fat, entitled white women, long past their reproductive years. Their porcine faces twist with hate as they focus energy that should have been spent on rearing a family into paroxysms of political rage.

Also, notice the token low T, supplicating NOWAG on the left, hoping to get a sympathy fuck from some sloppy elephantine ham beast.

The only thing missing is the miscegenated mystery meat baby, but the ‘We  immigrants’ sign is close enough.  Open borders = white genocide.

There look to have been very few pretty young women at this BitterBitchMarch. All I’ve seen are skanks and bloated middle-aged harridans (and their loser male orbiters).

The more of these female dregs that kill their posterity in the womb, the better for society in the long run.

Virtue signaling is the social status currency of ...

The Daily Messenger: Virtue signaling is the social status currency of ...: A more accurate sign: We Believe Black Lives Are Props No Human Is Illegal (unless they’re trespassing on my property) Love Is Code Fo...


Ad agencies know what they’re doing. This isn’t about pushing product; it’s about pushing the White race to genetic oblivion.

Reasons why MGTOW avoiding Relationships / Marriages

Ransomeware attacks are HOMEMADE CIA NSA OPS

The Daily Messenger: Ransomeware attacks are HOMEMADE CIA NSA OPS: The big clue is all this started on the full moon. A satanic tell, as always. Let's get a few things clear... Billions of dollars o...

Matthew 10: 40-42

Our Spiritual World: Matthew 10: 40-42: He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.   41  He that receiveth a prophet in the name ...


Nothing is real How German scientists control anyone's face


A Portland woman walked into a local liquidation store with two toddlers and began filming and going off on the staff about why they had “hate flags” in the store (in fact the store had Confederate flag rugs for sale, hanging on the wall).
One guy in the store who identified himself as Mexican responded saying the flag is not a hate symbol and to “read your history.”
Another man who later identified himself as an employee, flipped off her camera  and said, “Bye bitch. Get your kids out of here.”
“Yeah look at this liberal whiny bitch here,” he continued.  “Hillary supporter? Bernie supporter? Which one did you vote for that lost. Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Narcissist skank, virtue signalling.
Heather Franklin via Facebook
The situation devolves when the woman, Heather Franklin, 33, leaves the store and goes to her car. The employee followers her out and they have a tense, but stupid standoff in the parking lot.
Franklin keeps asking him to leave so she can get out of the parking lot, but the employee is standing about 50 feet away, not obstructing her exit. The employee makes things worse by yelling at her to get out and taking a steps forward every few seconds.
Franklin eventually breaks down in tears, alleging the employee had “assaulted” her.
According to The Oregonianthe CEO of the store, Everyday Deals Extreme, has discontinued ordering the Confederate rugs and plans to discipline the employees involved in the incident, although he has not decided the correct punishment yet.
An “anti-racism” and “harassment” protest in front of the store was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mario Goes His Own Way Now

Crazy witch Assaults Man Who Wants a Refund!

Italian news anchor does report on migrants and gets assaulted and raped. She wanted to be culturally enriched by muslim men who hate whites.

women voted for this, enjoy the rape whoredogs, you don't need us men, you're strong and independent, mean while shafting your men of your countries through the courts etc, etc.. well done whores [women] lolololol Did you know there's 130,000 men in prison under a woman's word alone in Spain, that she says she fears you, then he automatically gets locked up in prison and then waits for a kangaroo court that says they must believe women, so they go to prison anyway. So now, being independent jihadi loving ladies, they are receiving Jihadi love, muslim style.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Yes We Can when reversed becomes Thank You Satan

Angel caught on hill top

Our Spiritual World: The Bible calls him Nimrod, but to the ancients he...

Our Spiritual World: The Bible calls him Nimrod, but to the ancients he...: Gilgamesh Baal Melqart Adonis Eshmun Dumuzi Dionysus Bacchus Orion Mithra Apollo Ra Tammuz Osiris Semiramis, Lilith, Di...

Fascist Satanists run the libtard meme and media

The Daily Messenger: Fascist Satanists run the libtard meme and media: Discuss the holy, good, and true and you are a racist. Go all out NWO agenda 21 libtard and you are not only a progressive, but a huge id...


Video proof no one has been to space - challenger crew still alive

Friday, May 5, 2017


Apollo Missions were faked - irrefutable proof for the shills to eat, yo...

The Truth about our brain washed America and its people. wake up before ...

Ammon Bundy Tortured by Feds yesterday

WikiLeaks Reveals "Archimedes": Malware Used To Ha...

The Daily Messenger: WikiLeaks Reveals "Archimedes": Malware Used To Ha...: In its seventh CIA leak since March 23rd, WikiLeaks has just revealed the user manual of a CIA hacking tool known as ‘Archimedes’ which ...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Daily Messenger: In Search Of...

The Daily Messenger: In Search Of...: In Search of… By Don Bradley 02/23/09 The issue of truth for me is to be in continuous search for it. Whatever and wherever its path leads, ...

A Woman Discusses the Many Lies of Feminism

Feminist -GENDER PAY GAP LIE dismantled by Professor of Economics


No male spaces for Men anymore

Two men arrested for manspreading in NYC

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

Religious Wars, Fact or Fiction?