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Weather War Terrorism; Laser Torched Smart Fires, SoCal

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News: She's Shopping for Your Replacement (TFM 42O)

News: What Is It Going To Take? (TFM 42O)

Millenials Avoiding Divorce Rape In Huge Numbers

Satanic feminism has men in its sites and its shoot to kill with the police and the courts and education. And they claim THEY are the victims.


They’re under 35, they’re college educated with careers. But the men aren’t getting married.
While only 30% of those over 35 are without a partner (many divorced) a whopping 61% of millenials are unpartnered.
“It’s the divorce rapes, they are just too common” said one man. “I’ve worked too hard to give up all my hard earned money to a woman I’ve only been with for a few years”
With more than 70% of divorces initiated by women out of “boredom” men have a right to feel scared.  Just ask some of those 30% unpartnered men in the 35-54 age bracket who got divorce raped and ended up not only losing half their posessions but also had to pay wife support and child support totaling more than half their incomes.
The case of News Radio star Dave Foley is well documented. He got divorced during the time he was on the show and a high earner. But when the show ended and his earnings collapsed, he could no longer afford the divorce payouts and became destitute.
Image result for divorce rate by generation
The divorces keep on coming as men age, with Baby Boomers continuing to get divorced as they age and amass more wealth for the taking.  Their divorce rates have increased from 15% in the 1970s to almost 50% today.
The family courts are simply corrupt, handing everything to women who most likely were unfaithful to their men. They see big dollars and want out. Men end up paying for their children as remote money siphons, children they will no longer get to see while “Paco” moves in with Mom and they get to live the rest of their lives as one big party.  One reason women fight so hard for custody of their children is that it means they will never have to work again. Even in cases where men earned LESS than the women, men are still being forced to pay support to the ex wife. Until these policies change, America is in a demographic time-bomb and our population will change, losing our best and brightest and being re-filled with … well “Paco”s.  Tax revenues which already are not enough to pay social security or the basic budget will collapse leaving Amerika in a terrible situation. The nation itself will become ripe for invasion as the once hard working productive class will have become so utterly demoralized they will say “well it might go better under the Chinese”.  Expanding out of their port in Long Beach, they will be greeted by burrito vendors for who it matters not one whit who the customer is. For them, life will seem the same.
Russell pointed to data that shows marriage rates increase for younger Americans in connection with salaries. Fewer than half of men between the ages of 30 and 34 who earn less than $40,000 a year are married. More than half of those who make more than $40,000 a year are married, including two-thirds of those who make between $75,000 and $100,000 a year.
Women are targeting the higher earners because they know that that will turn into their big divorce payday in the near future. But the new trend is disturbing, because more and more of these “successful” men are going their own way and avoiding women altogether.

Well sure-ly things are improving, the divorce rates are dropping.  They have been since about 1980.  Sadly, that is the wrong interpretation of the following chart. What has happened is that marriage has declined so much, there are fewer marriages to divorce. Instead, the real rate is probably a straight line, having reached PEAK HORROR in 1980 and now there are fewer and fewer people in marriages period.
Look at the numbers of children who are blessed to live in a married household. It has collapsed. Why? Because either through divorce rape or through single woman supporting government, women have a cash train to keep them high on the hog without men.
Image result for americans married in  usa chart
So we have to ask what can be done. Clearly we have many issues pushing us to a dysgenic population future which will be a third world state. One of the big issues will be to reform divorce court with caps on percentage of income after taxes which can be allotted to wives who divorce.  Would more men marry if women could only get 10% of total assets and 10% of their salary in support? What if it was capped at 5%? Whatever the number, reforms are needed.
We also need programs to re-order women’s path so they marry at 18 after high school, have four or five children, then enter college later if they wish. The tax system should support this path with large credits for doing so, but instead its ShaQuana in the ghetto who has 10 kids and sits and picks her nose while collecting welfare stamps for each child. This abuse also has to be utterly and completely reformed.
Universities with their huge endowments can do much more. Students who are married with children and having children require supportive housing, medical, and free child care. This should be STANDARD at all universities. Today the numbers of students beginning their families is rare to non existent, but it needs to become the norm. More people would consider it if more Universities set up these programs and advertised them. As most universities are a rich country club, it’s ridiculous that they are not more family positive.
Another key step is that women need to grasp the concept of taking a pause to have families, either before university or concomitant with it.  The go straight out of the gates at full speed into the cube slave traps needs to be reformed. People need time for love, not massive overwork and taxing educations.  As a whole, society needs to ease back on the accelerator.  Two weeks of vacation a year? Is this really survivable? Living in Europe, it was clear to see how relaxed people were with even the poor working class having families and children easily on the state plans. A lot of our current society is based on the industrial revolution fat-cats work the people like cattle approach. It needs to change.
It will take efforts on all sides. Unfortunately, people do not realize that we are facing utter collapse as a nation – NON EXISTENCE – if these policies continue another ten years. It may already be late.  We will become a third rate third world welfare state if we do not change course and change hard, full push on that rudder as hard as we can.
Women who divorce because they want to jump to new men and follow their sexual foibles should be shamed not supported by society but somehow every last one of them becomes a vestal virgin once in divorce court.  Only when women see divorce as a path to poverty and destruction and only seek it under the most dire circumstances will our nation reform.
There is also a racial component to divorce. Marriage is a Europanic judeo-christian contract. It is making less and less sense to the new dysgenic diaspora that now resides in the once great United States. Even with the divorce rates reaching staggering levels, at the time of childbirth Europanic Americans only have unwed children at a 28% rate, compare that to the 53% rate for Hispanic and 75% rate for blacks.  This is a direct result of welfare handouts. Another game Hispanics often play is they never declare the marriage between the 40 year old husband and the 15 year old wife, well it would be illegal in America anyways.  The welfare handouts are slanted to single mothers for one reason – America does not want women and children huddled in the streets. As long as they are hidden away there is no issue with the huge poverty in America.  But sadly this policy, which shifts so much of the welfare support to women who have never paid into the system, utterly destroys men who after a lifetime of contribution get almost nothing. The government doesn’t really care if men are sitting shivering and hungry in the streets.
Image result for black children born out of wedlock chart
The problem with the Trump Revolution is they tend to think in terms of day to day fiscal problems, but never the underlying dysgenic policies.  That’s why a Plan for Trump is needed. To reform our CORE which has rotted from welfare abuse, divorce raping women, and an utterly demoralized middle class man.

The Daily Messenger: Japan's Largest Bank Is Preparing For A Bitcoin rip off

The Daily Messenger: Japan's Largest Bank Is Preparing For A Bitcoin Ex...: These BITCOIN EXCHANGES going dark or collapsing or THEY JUST PLAIN TURNED OFF THE FILE SERVERS AND RAN OFF WITH THE MONEY, happen frequent...

The Daily Messenger: Appealing to the lowest of lows

The Daily Messenger: Appealing to the lowest of lows: New York where all the bartenders are robots:   The guy sits down at the bar on Christmas Day and the robot asks: “What will you have?...

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Men Attacked From All Sides

News: Don't Eat the Fish Taco (TFM 42O)

feminism leads to witchcraft

Instant Karma As AntiFa Tries To Protest “March For Jesus” And Jesus Use...

She Knows I'm Red Pill - MGTOW

The Daily Messenger: An satanist organization took out an ad in the New ...

The Daily Messenger: An atheist organization took out an ad in the New ...: The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) – an organization of witches and covens that champions abortion and LGBT rights – displays...

The Daily Messenger: The Insanity of the satanic memes of 2017/2018. Up...

The Daily Messenger: The Insanity of the satanic memes of 2017/2018. Up...: We live in revolutionary times. Wild things happened in 2017, and they’ll keep happening next year. In these dangerous political times,...

News: The Gynocentrism Train Has No Brakes (TFM 42O)

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Modern dating has been turned into a satanic cesspool...

What does the massive and radical change in the way men and women meet each other mean for Western society? Can we glimpse the ropey contours of our future Jizztopia?
Relevant, from that older CH post,
This isn’t your Greatest Generation’s dating market. Prairie farm ladies aren’t waiting at home for a battle-weary man to rescue them from spinsterhood. Women aren’t effusively grateful to men for giving them the opportunity to exit the singles market. The sexual market has, in sum, devolved from a K-selected one to an r-selected one, and all that goes with such a cataclysmic change. The era of High Male Investment and Low Male Sexiness courtship signaling — poems and flowers and punctuality and appeasing her parents and stressing your financial stability and lavishing her with promises of eternal devotion — is OVER. Or, at least, its effectiveness greatly attenuated. We are now in the era of Low Male Investment and High Male Sexiness, or altered perceptions thereof.
Church won’t be restored as a meeting place for singles any time soon, barring some unforeseen seismic shift in attitudes toward religiosity and patriarchy (the two go together when both are healthy).
Neither will college, as long as it remains a warehouse for aggrieved Diversity and intellectually mediocre but conscientious girls, and antagonistic to young White men. Feminist cuntsent culture is turning campuses into anhedonic deserts.

Family? Age of first marriage is later than ever, fertility is down, single mommery is way up, miscegenation is up, and families are geographically and socially atomized to the edge of becoming total strangers with a shared genealogy. Family will continue its downward slide as a matchmaker.
Meeting as coworkers? MEEEE TOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Nope, the days of the corporate office as informal imprimatur of marital proposals are past us. The future is the increasingly rare (and risky) after hours bang in the janitor closet.

blond skank is covered in satanic themed tattoos. Yuk. Imagine how nauseating she is in bed when the clothes are off.
Social media, video gaming, porn, and the attendant isolation are undermining the service of friends as the primary means of bringing people together for the making of loves. It’s possible friends can come back as the major matchmaking vector, but I wouldn’t count on it happening until Generation Zyklon matures, and by that time it will have assumed a much different pallor than what it has been for most of the last sixty years.

Online dating is stagnating. I predict it will crash further, for the reasons noted above.
Restaurant/Bar is the new Family/Church, and given that post-atomization friends mostly meet offline at bars nowadays, these venues will also be quasi-dating services run by close friends and acquaintances. The upward trend should continue.

Our Spiritual World: How and when we came to be, ages before this or an...

Our Spiritual World: How and when we came to be, ages before this or an...: Proverbs 8: 22 The Lord made me the beginning of his ways for his works. 23 He established me before time was in the beginning, befor...


Here is why Feminists SJWs are retarded. The modern young woman...thanks you satanic tards, you've created a generation of useless people

The Daily Messenger: Multiple Injuries Reported After Car Plows Into Ce...

The Daily Messenger: Multiple Injuries Reported After Car Plows Into Ce...: When the Jihadists see Xmas shoppers they go all jack ripper and a little funny in the head. Coming soon to America , as it is elsewhere. Y...


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9 11 Eyewitness to Twin Towers Explosion

pure post hoc, ergo propter hamster rationalization. Niceguys hear this crap all the time from women — a glorified it’s not you, it’s me

The Tingle Laughs At Your Idiotic Human Rationales

Commenter Randon Guy points to a comment JudgyBitch made in which she described in more detail why she left her first nice guy boyfriend who helped her through the ordeal of her broken family.
Later on in the reply to the comment section so as to further explain why she said what she said about him being too weak.
She said partly it was because she couldn’t trust herself to be a good wife for him, that his willingness to bend over would end up with her mistreating him.
To some extent it seems like she was doing it to also avoid becoming like her father/mother had been.
This is pure post hoc, ergo propter hamster rationalization. Niceguys hear this crap all the time from women — a glorified it’s not you, it’s me — and it must drive them batty. Imagine you’re the niceguy dating JudgyBitch and she dumps you because…wait for it…she was afraid she would treat you like crap.
So treating him like disposable crap and dumping him is the solution to treating him like reusable crap while still fucking him.
You’d have to forgive a guy for thinking that’s a load of self-serving BS and the real reason is something else. The typical nice guy would be glad for more time in Pound Town and a chance to decide for himself if she’s mistreating him.
I don’t mean to pinch a steamer on JudgyBitch’s parade. As far as one can bitchily judge from a single blog post confessional, she seems like a decent woman who turned she life around. She made an edible omelette out of some very rotten eggs, defying what could have been her genetic fate. She doesn’t hate men, which is a minor miracle in this day and age. And scanning her archives, it appears she’s /ourgal/, so I can’t find it in me to savage her hamster too much.
But I will use her as a springboard to remind the beta males strolling into this happy hunting ground that whatever reason a woman gives you for dumping you, it’s WAAAAY downstream from the real reason, which is that your niceness shut off her tingle spigot.
The tingle is immunized against all rationalizations: one may call it a splooge, gush, womb flume, squirting hibiscus, it all runs off her vagina like tepid beta sperm off a greasy keyboard. But call the tingle a command center of the female vessel and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “I didn’t want to hurt him!”
This is important, because it gets to the heart of what this blog is about: Don’t listen to what women say; instead, watch what women do.
A woman will NEVER dump a nice guy because she’s afraid of hurting him. Or for any other rationalization that sounds good to community college couples therapists. A woman WILL dump a nice guy if she stops wanting to fuck him.
It’s only when a woman’s tingles dry up that the thought of her nice guy boyfriend touching her repulses her, and it’s only when that happens that she rationalizes plausible sounding but nevertheless fantastical reasons for why her labia furled like a slug under a shower of salt.
The Tingle is the gom jabbar. The one ring to rule them all. The Voight-Kampff replicant test. The cosmic palimpsest. The Prime Directive. The Force. Women DO NOT STOP FUCKING a man who gives them the Tingle. Women DO NOT DUMP a man who gives them the Tingle. Women DO DUMP a man, for sundry rationales, who is incapable of giving, or has stopped giving, them the Tingle.
Once the Tingle is gone, a woman’s heart is gone, and her head is recruited to gussy up the only reason for the coldness in her heart and vagina.
No matter how nicely a man treats a woman, no matter how much of a gentleman he is to her, she won’t love him as long as he doesn’t give her the Tingle. If a woman doesn’t feel the Tingle, she’ll rationalize any nice behavior from a nice guy as bad behavior, or as behavior that incites her to bad behavior. She will invent new and creative reasons for dumping the nice guy, reasons that could fill a ten page listicle in Teen Vogue, when the reducible truth is that his niceness desiccates her vagina.
Similarly, no matter how badly a man treats a woman, no matter how much of an asshole he is to her, she will not leave him as long as he gives her the Tingle. If she feels it, she’ll rationalize any shitty behavior from a man as good behavior, or as reasonable and predictable behavior caused by her own bad behavior, and invent new and creative reasons for staying with him. Sure she will bitch and moan and continually ignore her friends’ advice to dump him, but she’ll always run back to his arms, happy to be with the man who coaxes the Tingle from her. Maybe, some day in the distant future, she will have put up with enough of his assholery and decide leaving him is better than more Tingles, but she won’t do it without plenty of personal anguish, and she’ll never feel great about leaving him.
The nice guy? She’ll hardly spare a second for the pain of losing him. *shrug* No Tingle, No Linger. But he will make an appearance in a blog post about a journey of self-discovery, as the token emotional tampon.


The Daily Messenger: Our mentally ill, government paid for ugly adulter...

The Daily Messenger: Our mentally ill, government paid for ugly adulter...: These billboards are showing up all over England, Norway, Germany, etc...we're next At our post office in Ojai, the walls are cove...


When relationships go south, in our modern world.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Sexual Market Mysteries, Solved

A vignette.
I’m standing in the cashier line.
A young (late teens, early 20s) couple are ahead of me.
Did not see a ring on her.
Dorky man, bombshell blonde.
He doesn’t look like he has a lot of money.
Still, there they are, she’s all over him.
WTF I wonder.
At register, cashier tells dork the total.
He motions to blonde, “Nope, she’s buying.”
He walks off as she’s paying.
She pays, skips after him, all smiles.
Yup, mystery solved, I say to myself.
The solution to this mystery is in recognizing who was the “prize” in the relationship. A small moment like what transpired in this vignette revealed the prize was the dorky man. When a woman looks up to a man and when she is chasing him for his validation, she sees right past his dorky face to the alpha male within.

#SlutPride, meet your nemesis #StudPride.
“The attitude dictates that you don’t care whether she comes, stays, lays, or prays. I mean whatever happens, your toes are still tappin’. Now when you got that, then you have the attitude.”

The Daily Messenger: Electric Cars Pollute The Environment More Than Gas...

The Daily Messenger: Electric Cars Pollute The Environment More Than Ga...: Several studies have come to the same conclusion, if you want to save the environment DON’T buy an electric car. “Who cares about 50% mo...


The Daily Messenger: There are ALWAYS TWO assassinations of any modern ...

The Daily Messenger: There are ALWAYS TWO assassinations of any modern ...: DB 1. The first assassination is usually the physical one, with a LONE GUNMAN PATSY, setup far in advance and placed by manipulation at t...

Ongoing effort to attack, smear, and malign Trump by CIA

The Daily Messenger: Ongoing effort to attack, smear, and malign a man ...: Trump Accuser Who Took Mortgage Payoff, Tried To Get Job As Trump's Makeup Artist - HONEY POT GETS ANGLED IN FOR THE KILL A New York ...

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Fires starting in Ojai from several points all at once

Black Who Killed a Cab Driver Later Killed White Bail Bondsman

Two Blacks Murder White Father and Steal His iPhone X

Feds Bring Charges Against Kate’s Killer – “WE’LL JUST DEPORT HIM AGAIN LOL”

Feds Bring Charges Against Kate’s Killer, at best he will serve 18 months in prison. If a white guy stole a feds gun and killed a black man, he'd get life - at least

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2017
having a memorial to a dead white girl, in San Fran, is considered a hate crime and punishable with 10 years in prison. Murdering a white girl with a stolen gun and you are a five time violent felon is worth...fuck all, case dismissed.
Just whatever keeps this story in the headlines.
Whatever that is is good.
The undocumented immigrant who fatally shot a young San Francisco woman at a popular tourist spot two years ago has been indicted on two federal charges in connection with the controversial case.
Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, who was acquitted last week of state murder and involuntary manslaughter charges, was charged Tuesday with one count of a felon in possession of firearm and one count of an immigrant in possession of a firearm.
Garcia Zarate’s acquittal in Kate Steinle’s death prompted a firestorm of criticism from President Donald Trump and conservatives toward San Francisco, a so-called sanctuary city. Garcia Zarate was found guilty on a state charge of being a felon is possession of a firearm and could face up to three years in prison.
Immigration officials have said they want to deport him. Garcia Zarate claimed the shooting was accidental.
So this guy steals a gun from a federal agent’s car, shoots a woman randomly, after he’s been deported FIVE TIMES – and the plan is to deport him again, Jeff?

It doesn’t matter.
One dead woman for an infinite propaganda victory.
Because this doesn’t just prove that spics will randomly kill you and/or your family members – it proves that spic juries will be like “BUT HE DID NOTHING WRONG.”
We have a situation that is not workable. People need to understand what is happening. And there is no better headline than “MEXICAN JURY DECIDES MEXICAN WHO WAS DEPORTED FIVE TIMES AND STOLE A FEDERAL AGENT’S GUN AND USED IT TO SHOOT A RANDOM WHITE WOMAN DID NOTHING WRONG.”
And then the fact that the entire media made it a racial issue – that you are a racist if you think it should be against the law for Mexicans to kill white people randomly – wew. I mean, these spics coming out and saying that “hate was defeated,” and then the antifa protesting IN SUPPORT of Kate’s death?
You can’t buy propaganda like that, folks.
I hope Jeff Sessions deports Zarate, he breaks back in and commits a Friday the 13th-type bikini massacre and the Mexican jury rules that he had to do it because he was trying to stop Freddy from invading his dreams.

And then Jeff Sessions is like “aww jeez, Trump, jeez, what’re we gonna do, Trump, I guess we’ll just have to deport him a seventh time, Trump, aw jeez man.”

Ojai burning in all directions, no firemen anywhere to be seen. no plane...

Ojai fire on 12-5-17.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Our Spiritual World: A miracle of life, from death

Our Spiritual World: A miracle of life, from death: The hummingbird that lived twice And now, for a miracle that happened last week. And like all the miracles around here, they happen with ...

The Daily Messenger: AMAZINGLY Germany Ends Tesla Model S Subsidies In ...


Detective caught on tape detaining teens because they are white. Cops joining the hate whitey club now.

The Daily Messenger: Salisbury News: Detective caught on tape detaining...: Salisbury News: Detective caught on tape detaining teen ‘because y... : A police detective in Illinois was facing disciplinary action this ...

The Daily Messenger: Satanic sellouts of Europe who import millions of ...

The Daily Messenger: Satanic sellouts of Europe who import millions of ...: As discussed yesterday , President Donald Trump’s decision to unleash a series of "truculent tweets" showing videos of Islamist...

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Idolatry: Demons Cause Statues to Move Caught on Camera

Almost Every Graduate Of DC High School Was Truant...

The Daily Messenger: Almost Every Graduate Of DC High School Was Truant...:  Only 3% could pass the reading and writing exams on a basic level, the rest were functionally illiterate. BUT ALL got into college with fr...

Cherokee Genealogist Slams Elizabeth Warren

Black Widow Hillary Clintons' "Liberated" Libya is a Hellhole of Slavery an...

Why Do the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying...

The Daily Messenger: Why Do the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying...: the Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Keep Dying? ...

The Daily Messenger: Black congressman calling for Trump impeachment-fo...

The Daily Messenger: Black congressman calling for Trump impeachment-fo...: Rep Al Green (D-TX) Reportedly Had Sex With Drugged Out Staffer - Then Sued Her For Blackmail Content originally published at  iBankC...

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"This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be..."

The Daily Messenger: "This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be...":   Authored by Tim Brown via, Sometimes, in the process of covering so many things and in the attempt to provide as...

The Daily Messenger: Pinterest Censoring Anti-Vaccine Doctors and Pins ...

The Daily Messenger: Pinterest Censoring Anti-Vaccine Doctors and Pins ...: Vaccines...death in a needle and mothers INSIST upon doing this to their children, THEY CLAIM THEY LOVE AND WOULD DO ANYTHING FO...

The Daily Messenger: Self-Driving Cars And Deciding Who Lives And Dies ...

The Daily Messenger: Self-Driving Cars And Deciding Who Lives And Dies ...: by DB Can you afford $250,000.00 for a self-driving car that is controlled remotely by some bureaucrat? You can? Wow, then I guess you ge...

satellite myths

Friday, November 24, 2017

Captain Westbrook, officer Tippit and Oswald's double.

Synagogue of Satan

When An Uppity Feminist Meets An Impervious POC

An aging, anti-Trump pussy-hatter clashed with a man-spreader on the NYC subway, and given the ancestry of the accused the result was predictably comic for those of us who enjoy seeing virtue sniveling White women at the moment their Anti-White Equalism religion is refuted by reality. Via reader M.L.,
Feminist with chip on her shoulder finds out that gentlemen of color punch uppity bitches in the face if they show disrespect.
A white guy would have apologized profusely.
That feminist shit only works on men who are already neutered.
The Wonder Woman herself, Sam Sweeney Saia, from her Twatter account in August 2016:
Add caption

Sam Saia, this week, after her encounter with a typical representative of the mandingospreader who haunts feminist nightmares:
moralizing dyke freak

Nasty lesbian fascist cunt

I have no doubt this spreader of vibrancy was taking his feral frustrations out on an HB3 White goddess and pushing his leg into her till she was crushed against the bars, but naturally being the ditzy lib broad she is, she forgot for a hot second that her feminist indignation is no match for thejungle. As M.L. wrote, what works on already neutered White men won’t work on the orc horde. Feminist haranguing is impotent against MUH DIK; it can only find a swaddling home in the deflated bean bags of shitlib white males.
Dumb virtue sniveling cranky urban slutmouths like this sour hag who spend the bulk of their attention whoring time shitting on their own men can take a White man’s sympathy from White Knight to “lol suk a dik” in five seconds flat. It’s more proof for my contention that feminism is, among other deleterious qualities, a mass psychotic case of negative transference by hardened liberal city shrikes unable to cope with the reality of daily black and brown and (((tribe))) violations of feminist moral code, so they blame the cause of their bad feelings on White Gentile men, which allows them to preen as both a feminist and antiracist heroine.
The White woman civilizational shit test continues unparried….
In related negative transference news, the Broken Windows dindu-stopping strategy is giving way to Windows Asking For It, the dindu-enabling strategy. Subway fare evaders are almost entirely black, so the Globohomo Order wants to decriminalize fare evasion.
There are two ways to deal with the dreary reality of wildly disproportionate black dysfunction in Diversitopias like the US:
  1. a crackdown on black behavior that would warm a Grand Dragon’s heart
  2. sewer spiraling to the lowest common denominator of social responsibility that doesn’t disparately impact blacks
As long as White Men remain unrooted from their heritage and faithless in their purpose and cultural glory, we will pursue option #2 until the wilting, deflorating end. Ironically, White Supremacy was never the problem; White Supination is the problem. And this is why MAGA has resonated so deeply with unapologetic White America.
An outtake from Your Daily Trump.
Shitlib/Cuck Uniparty media: “Trump has to be careful how he responds to these sexual assault allegations against Democrat Congressmen, given his own history with women…”
TRUMP: “…makes you wonder where Al Frankenstien’s hands were in pics 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6…”
Age isn’t denting Trump’s T level. And America is the better for His Chadness.

Satanic Rituals Performed at Comet Ping Pong Pizza. #PIZZAGATE

Pedophilia Symbolism Epidemic, Feldman Attacks Supporters. #PIZZAGATE

Our Spiritual World: A day of giving thanks...Thanks Dad, for everythin...

Our Spiritual World: A day of giving thanks...Thanks Dad, for everythin...: Our Father, who art in Heaven... "Do you see this woman? I entered your house, yet you gave no water for my feet and she has w...


CELL TOWERS: "5G", Verizon ILLUMINATi TAKEOVER Killing us slowly with cancers

Simpsons Truth In Plain Sight vaccine plague by Illuminati

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Daily Messenger: Nothing New Under the Sun - 1 Peter

The Daily Messenger: Nothing New Under the Sun - 1 Peter: Edited, added unto, and fixed in many places by Don Bradley As in the days of Noah (Noe) - Chimeras, hybrids, sodomites of al...

The Daily Messenger: Women, led by the satanic feminist element of sata...

The Daily Messenger: Women, led by the satanic feminist element of sata...: In our time - fall of 2017 - arranged for and agreed to male network slugs have agreed to patsy up to further the demonization of men, and ...

News: Pride Before the Fall (TFM 42O)

News: No, Women Are NOT Marrying down (TFM 42O)

News: Australia Abolishes Prenups (TFM 42O)

Teen Vogue Nasty Cunt: I'm 'Not At All Concerned' About 'Innocent Men' Losing Jobs Over False Rape Claims

Nov. 22, 2017
nasty ugly skank and whore...hates men

Teen Vogue columnist and nasty lesbian cunt, Emily Lindin, the founder of the "UnSlut Project," said Tuesday that she's "not at all concerned" about explicitly "innocent men" losing their jobs over false sexual assault claims so long as it helps in "undoing the patriarchy."

"Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations," Lindin said on Twitter.

"Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay," Lindin said in a follow-up tweet.

Lindin's comments were so stupid CNN's Jake Tapper even joined in on trolling her.

Dark Legacy George Bush and the murder of John Kennedy Another year the Bush crime family gets away with killing a lawful president and pushing this country into the abyss

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Google- CIA- Is Tracking You Even If You Disable L...

The Daily Messenger: Google- CIA- Is Tracking You Even If You Disable L...: Slowly but surely, Americans have been conditioned to give up any expectations of privacy in the name of public safety and/or for simple reasons, they are afraid little cowards to stand up to these thugs.

Young Mother Who Converted to Islam Murdered in Hammer Attack After Goin...

Bill Hicks really is Alex Jones- One Night Stand (1991)

Bill Hicks rips Jay Leno

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Man Arrested At White House Who Threatened To 'Kill All White Police'

Screenshot: Michael Arega via Facebook
A 37-year-old man named Michael Arega has been arrested by the Secret Service after threatening to "kill all white police" via Facebook and traveling to the White House.
The arrest of the man who reportedly lives in Dallas, Texas, was made near the White House on Monday after the Secret Service was tipped off about the threat.
USA TODAY reports:
Police in suburban Montgomery County, Md. sent a be-on-the-lookout notice to the Secret Service for Michael Arega just before 3 p.m. Monday, the Secret Service said.
A little more than an hour later, Secret Service officers spotted Arega on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue and arrested him "without incident," spokesman Shawn Holtzclaw said.
It was Arega's ex-wife who reportedly tipped off authorities about the threats.
"Now i am going to there to white House make sure kill All white POLICE !!" said one post by Arega.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Total Eclipse of the Mind

What Happened on the Moon

The Reality of The Stars - The Evidence Revealed!


Polaris Proves the Flat Earth

POLARIS never moves Star Trails PROVE Earth Is NOT Moving

Polaris Proves the Flat Earth

Friday, November 3, 2017

'This is my Son, whom I love;...

Our Spiritual World: The Daily Messenger: 'This is my Son, whom I love;...: The Daily Messenger: 'This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well p... : May His blessing be upon all who love truth This writin...


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sometimes the TV weatherman tells the truth about chemtrails

The Daily Messenger: COULTER: Media Finds Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive — ...

The Daily Messenger: COULTER: Media Finds Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive — ...: If the media are going to keep wailing about how vital a free press is, could they start reporting stuff? There’s a remarkable number of d...

The Daily Messenger: CIA created Antifa intends to start mass violence ...

The Daily Messenger: CIA created Antifa intends to start mass violence ...: Wearing black, masks covering their faces, and using weapons without any restrictions imposed upon them, the fascist NWO deep state intends...

How to deal with girls who reveal they have a boyfriend :) - MGTOW

Nasholes and Asstronots

The NASA Moon and Mars Landing Hoaxes

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Proof you can see that Lasers were Used in Nor Cal Fires 2017


The Daily Messenger: White woman fired from job because she didn't give...

The Daily Messenger: White woman fired from job because she didn't give...: A music festival in Halifax, Canada has apologized for “overt racism” following a volunteer staffer’s refusal to move to the back because ...

Nor Cal Fires Aftermath ~ Proof Agenda 21 Plans Are Being Implemented

WARNING: Western Women are Ruining Themselves by being nasty sluts

WARNING: Western Women are Ruining Themselves
Typical parties with male strippers are Women Only, also known as girls night out. Code for lets ditch our husbands and boyfriends and go fuck total strangers
Women are the foundation of any successful civilization because culture passes from mother to child. But in the name of “liberation,” Western women have been brainwashed to adopt a number of traits that make them utterly unsuitable for handing on Western civilization.
But there are ways they are ruining themselves.


Western women have been indoctrinated to ruin themselves through sleeping with a lot of different men before they get married. This means the average girl that you meet while dating has already had sex with several different men before meeting you, and given the wide availability of porn, you can bet that this sex was not limited to the missionary position.
It is also safe to assume that there are compromising photos and videos of her on the phones of various men. Some have mastered the deceitful trick of appearing to look innocent yet at the same time exposing themselves indirectly, even though you may not initially realize it.
Zero self respect demands prince charming! Whores demand it all, wise men give them nothing. Ever.
This is a gigantic problem because exclusivity is the foundation of a man’s love for a woman. This is especially true for young men who have not been married before. There has to be an element of, “this girl is mine and no one else’s.” Female promiscuity before marriage robs men of this certainty. This is why one reason so many men are unwilling to get married. Why risk a potentially expensive divorce for a woman who has slept with the entire roster of her college football team?
But even apart from promiscuity’s effect on bonding between a man and a woman, prior sexual partners can wreak havoc on a marriage in very practical ways. Once a woman has been with a particular man, it is very easy for her to fall back into a physical relationship with him. How many marriages have been destroyed by old flames rekindling a physical relationship through social media?
Don’t expect the promiscuity to be reversed any time soon. From an early age, girls are taught that promiscuity is empowering. One glance at the Cosmopolitan website, a magazine read primarily by young, unmarried women, will demonstrate that their articles presuppose that women will slut it up.

Attention whoring

In the age of the internet, women can’t stop exploiting themselves on the internet in ways that can be described as perverted or even pornographic. Lately we’re seeing new lows where women are doing anything to make a quick buck or achieve overnight fame.
Girls come up with creative excuses, but to the trained eye, they are simply attention whoring. From showcasing their pregnant bodies, to offering to deliver a porn hometape in exchange for social media subscribers, the internet has empowered them to do whatever they please without the fear of consequence.
Before continuing, lets define two things:
  • Prostitution – selling oneself in order for monetary or social gain.
  • Pornography – prostitution on camera.
Kim Kardashian is nothing but a prostitute
Money is the main factor for these kinds of stunts, but others include fame or boredom. Girls crave attention and need the masses, particularly male viewers, to send limitless compliments of how beautiful they are. It’s like a crack addict who needs more and more. One hit isn’t enough, stronger doses are needed.
Women today feel entitled that everybody should witness them flashing their breasts, having sex with their partner, binge drinking to prove their superiority while simultaneously displaying themselves as holy and sacred mothers.
And the Jew owned media are raking in the dough by providing HD quality photographs of women exposing themselves.

Tattoos and Piercings

Women that are getting piercings and tattoos are doing it because they have a lack of self-esteem. They don’t feel that they are attractive enough. They feel that need these things to fit in, or to feel better about themselves, or to desperately get approval of some potential partner or group that probably isn’t worthy of them. It is my belief that many people who get these things are in denial about their feelings, they simply think I’m going to get this thing and it will make me so much better.
Once pretty, now repulsive and ugly. Fit for lesbians, witches, and skid row-where she belongs.
As a man, one of the most beautiful things in the world is fair, unblemished skin of an attractive woman. There’s a good biological reason for this: Skin color and tone is a good indicator of health. If a person has blotchy skin or lots of blemishes, it is a sign that they are not healthy and therefore not a good person to reproduce with.
Tattoos interfere with this natural signaling of reproductive fitness. By putting artificial blemishes on her skin, an otherwise healthy woman is inadvertently telling men that she is not a suitable wife and mother.
Like promiscuity, a man can sometimes look beyond a woman’s tattoos, but it takes some effort.


A woman’s natural role is to be a wife and a mother. A man’s natural role is to be a husband, father, and provider. This is not some artificial norm foisted upon us by some imaginary patriarchy, this is the natural order of things. In the modern day, men still carry forward the idea of being husbands and fathers, but something terrible has happened to our women. Young women are now subjected to years of indoctrination that teaches them to regard motherhood as something demeaning. Instead, women are led to believe that true fulfillment can only be found through a career.
Career women are just nasty skanks who will fuck anything, anytime
This has led many modern women to distrust their own desires. They may secretly want a domestic life but feel obliged to get a degree followed by years of slaving away in a corporate cubicle farm. This chews up a woman’s prime childbearing years. By the time women start having children, their hope of having a large family is already over. They’ve already become addicted to their salary so they are never able to break themselves free from their corporate drone status. This means the very best people in our society do not reproduce at replacement rates.
I am happy to report that there is a glimmer of hope that things may change. An editor at Buzzfeed recently noted that “rah-rah lean in corporate feminism” is “garbage.” Is it possible that young women will finally realize that they have been tricked by corporations to exchange the best years of their lives improving the stock values of a handful of wealthy men? If they do, I will feel vindicated.


There was a time when Americans aspired to high culture. In the early years of the US, even the coarsest Americans tried to engage the best literature. French writer Alexis de Tocqueville remarked on this amazing phenomenon:
There is hardly a pioneer’s hut that does not contain a few odd volumes of Shakespeare. I remember that I read the feudal drama of Henry V for the first time in a log cabin.
During first half of the 20th Century, the thirst that average Americans had to learn about the world around them gave rise to the great general news magazines, such as Time. Walt Disney pumped out cartoons that introduced audiences to classical music and European culture. And early television programming would mix in highbrow theatre along with the more popular fare. Americans wanted to better themselves not just financially, but culturally.
Ghettofication poster child Iggy Azalea, nasty skank who fucks groups of men at a time. Her music is (c)rap. She only seems to date black guys. And her butt is strangely enormous on an otherwise normal girl.
What a change in the last 50 years! Americans have gone from seeking the best to chasing after the most degraded culture. Young women in particular have adopted the worst of black culture. They listen exclusively hip hop music and social media is now filled with pictures of white women with preternaturally large butts. But it is not just whites who are being hurt by ghettofication, blacks too have been pulled down.
The ghettofication of American women is an alarming trend because it promotes promiscuity, having children out of wedlock, and poor life habits. Unfortunately, these ghettofied young women are also reproducing which means they will pass a trash culture to their offspring.


It’s easy to blame women for all of this but it is not that simple. Most people are natural followers. They will obediently follow any dictates that their leaders put forth. This is a good thing because not everyone can be a leader. It would result in chaos. And, in a well-ordered society, it works: benevolent leaders guide their people with the same care that a father guides his child. The problem is that we do not live in a well-ordered society so both women and men end up following the wrong types of people.
We live in a culture where all the institutions are firmly under the control of progressives JEWS who are gradually phasing out every aspect of traditional society and replacing it with degeneracy. Children who are brought up in this environment will adopt the teachings that have been drummed into them by years of school and media indoctrination.
Some males, for whatever reason, have the ability to “wake up” from the progressive delusion. This is what the red pill is. Still, the majority of men stay asleep and blindly parrot the teachings that have been instilled in them by their globalist masters. Count yourself lucky if you are in the red pill minority.
Some women also demonstrate the ability to overcome their programming, but it seems like there are a lot fewer of them are awake to what is going on. While everyone is responsible for their own actions, it is not a surprise that many young women follow the advice they’ve received and end up ruining themselves in the process. That doesn’t make it any less devastating to single men who are looking for a suitable wife, but it helps us understand how we got into this mess and how we can stop it from happening in the future. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Nolte: Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians to Rig Election Against Trump

BREAKING: FBI Tries To Kill Pamela Geller

Everything Wrong With My Tesla Model S: Build Quality Problems, 100 Grand for a plastic pile of junk

CIA Agent Blows the Whistle 'We Supply Elite Pedophiles with Children'

Kevin Spacey comes out as gay and admits being pedophile and NAMBLA

Kevin Spacey issued what was clearly an already prepared and carefully crafted statement in response to bombshell allegations published by Buzzfeed a mere hours prior late Sunday night wherein actor Anthony Rapp alleged he was sexually assaulted by Spacey when Rapp was only 14-years old. And far from denying the allegations it appears that Spacey has more or less confirmed the assault on the then child actor who emerged as a Broadway star in the musical "Rent", and who currently plays Lt. Stamets on "Star Trek: Discovery".
Spacey posted his statement to Twitter, which actually reads as confirmation of the shocking allegations while attempting to obfuscate, saying, "I'm beyond horrified to hear his story. I honestly do not remember the encounter, it would have been over 30 years ago. But if I did behave then as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years."
Kevin raped this man when he was 14, they are still pals. Both are gay...big surprise, not.

Image source: WireImage/FilmMagic
The sequence of events which caused Rapp to come forward after all these years - a recent near encounter with the man he "dreaded" - are described by Buzzfeed, based on Rapp's personal testimony, as follows:
Last June, Anthony Rapp settled in at the home of his good friend and fellow actor Camryn Manheim to watch the Tony Awards. The New York natives were both in Toronto working, and Manheim had invited Rapp and his boyfriend over to partake in the beloved theater geek ritual. But for the first time, Rapp — a working actor since he was 9 years old, and most famously part of the original cast of the musical Rent — felt something he'd never experienced before with the Tonys: dread.
And that's because the host that night was Kevin Spacey.
Buzzfeed continues the description:
In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Rapp is publicly alleging for the first time that in 1986, Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. According to public records, Spacey was 26. Rapp was 14.
Rapp posted a response to Spacey's overnight statement a mere minutes later, saying, "I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out" - which is an apparent reference to the women coming forward in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, which Rapp acknowledged when speaking to Buzzfeed.
The child actor, who began his career at the age of six and landed his first professional job at nine years old, told Buzzfeed that the experience haunted him all these years as Spacey's fame grew and as he became a more of a ubiquitous presence across the film industry:

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017