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Flat Earth: Six Emergency Landings that prove the earth is Flat

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Satanism goes openly mainstream - freaky deak goth TV series

satanic Mind F--k courtesy of retarded feminists

In 2017, It’s Okay To Do Whatever You Want To Nazis, And A ‘Nazi’ Is Anybody You Don’t Like

Becoming an anti-fascist, or Antifa, is easy. It just takes three steps:
  1. Find Nazis in the street and attack them
  2. If you can’t find any Nazis nearby, just call anybody you don’t like a Nazi
  3. Bask in the glowing support of the American mainstream press
That’s what we saw yesterday in Berkeley. A very small number of people who assembled peacefully were beaten and harassed in broad daylight by a huge mob of masked thugs. And it’s accepted, because… well, because we really don’t like those people. They voted for Trump. They’re “Nazis.”
But what happens when the hateful mob can’t find a handy target to hate? They have to make do with whoever happens to be around.

Courtesy of independent journalist Tim Pool (@Timcast):

Here’s another angle on the same scene, courtesy of the satirical Twitter account @BevHillsAntifa:
So this guy, whose name is Nathan Stolpman, is a “Nazi” because he’s wearing… a polo shirt. That’s it! That’s all it takes. Because he’s wearing a polo shirt and is therefore a “Nazi,” it’s okay to hound him and steal his property and detain him when he tries to get it back. All while wearing masks. Because… that’s what the good guys do, I guess?
And yet, as irritating and wrong as this is, Stolpman was lucky it wasn’t worse:
This madness has to stop. I don’t like people who say Nazi crap, even if they think they’re being ironic edgelords triggering all the normies. I don’t like the alt-right. But they have the right to express their opinions, no matter how angry they make me. They have the right to assemble without being harassed and attacked. And people who have nothing to do with them have the right to report on what’s happening in public places.
If you disagree, guess what? That makes you the fascist.

YouTube’s Censorship Alliance With the Jews from ADL Makes First Victims

By now it’s clear that every corporation in Silicon Valley hates you and your ideas. They will demonetize you, demotivate you from using their sites, and then finally de-platform you, all to preserve a cherished agenda which is having a mighty hard time standing up to the truth. If this continues until suitable alternatives are created, we may be entering a dark age for the once free internet.

There has so much truth being shared on YouTube lately that Joogle decided to partner with the Anti-Defamation League to shut it all down by introducing a program to sandbox videos they merely don’t like. This has come just months after a demonetization wave that impacted many conservative channels.
We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies, but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will have some features removed. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won’t be recommended, won’t be monetized, and won’t have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes.
This censorship tool has just been rolled out and the first known sandboxed video has been identified. Would you like to take a guess as to what the video is about? It’s not about ISIS or child sexualization. It isn’t a video by an unhinged liberal encouraging murder against Donald Trump. It’s a video titled “Race Differences In Intelligence.”
Try to watch the following to see how the sandboxing works…
YouTube won’t let you watch the embedded video. Instead, it takes you to an interstitial screen warning you of the “offensive” speech you’re about to witness.
Are you triggered yet? If you’re not and click through, you’re greeted with a naked screen that doesn’t even let you click through to the creator’s channel.
The video itself was produced by Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. It contained the argument that the main reason blacks have poorer outcome than whites is not due to lack of opportunity but lower IQ. Whether you agree with that argument or not, YouTube believes that no one should have the ability to share, comment, or like because of it. You’ll never see it recommended to you or shown in a search result. What is it about the idea Taylor shares that has caused the ADL and Google to go to extreme lengths in censoring it? As you may already know, it square goes against their egalitarian agenda.
Silicon Valley, once a brand associated with innovation and high technology, is now becoming linked to censorship and stifled speech. Instead of executing their mission to create technologies that improve human lives, they’re using it to innovate new ways to inflict pain and suffering on those who disagree with their globalist nightmare of the world. These are the people who overlook Islamic terrorism by urging us to “pray for peace” while using a single right-wing death in Charlottesville as an excuse to launch a massive internet purge:
Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views.
In a tweet published Saturday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted a screenshot of Paul’s “Liberty Report” page showing that his videos had been labeled “not suitable” for all advertisers by YouTube’s content arbiters. Assange claims that Paul was being punished for speaking out about President Donald Trump’s decision to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan, after Paul published a video on the subject earlier this week.

September 23rd 2017 in 3 Minutes! The Revelation ...

The Daily Messenger: September 23rd 2017 in 3 Minutes! The Revelation ...

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‘Give Up The Home You Own’ cracker Mofo

The Daily Messenger: ‘Give Up The Home You Own’: Black Lives Matter Act...: Which part of go F yourself is hard for you to understand? When the world sees the Jewish Elite giving their homes to black and jihadist t...

Satanists disrupt Charlottesville City Council Meeting

Imran Awan and Hina Alvi Docket HILLARY'S HENCHMEN

Ron Wyatt The Mark of YHWH and the Mark of the Beast

ASSASSINATION TELEGRAPHING AND CONDITIONG...‘F*** YOUR MOTHER’: Foul-Mouthed Journalist Grabs Huge Knife, Issues Sic...

Top Ways To Deal With Bitches - MGTOW

Peak Estrogen

by CH
I really thought we had reached Peak Estrogen during the Cuck Menstruation of 2015/16 when Trump ran for President, but these past few days of cucks tearing up the 1st Amendment in their race to condemn self-aware White people for speaking unauthorized opinions on matters already settled by the Ministry of Untruth has been like free-basing soy and birth control pills. Pure estrus.
Rushing headlong to condemn violators of sclerotic social norms is such a womanly thing to do, but nobody ever confused GOP cucks for real men. McAmnesty, Magic Underwear, Fruitio…these hysterical, treasonous, and authoritarian queens have to be jettisoned from power.
Take a breather, post C’ville. The truth is just starting to dribble out past the Gaystream Media information curators (as usual it looks bad for leftists). When you feel dazed & confused by the swirl of events, ground yourself with the following truths:

1. The Prime Enemy is the media
2. A White majority is self-evidently good
3. Economic nationalism and de-urbanization are necessary correctives
4. Trust Trump. He’s the best friend you’ve got.
PS Trump’s “alt-left” is a linguistic kill shot.
1. isolates, freezes, and polarizes the left
2. easy to remember
3. sidesteps hoary old terms like marxist that normies tune out
4. opaque enough to smear entire left
5. forces Fake News to cover it
6. most crucially, PUTS THE LEFT ON DEFENSE

satanist exposing himself to children - was a time, this shitbird would be thrown in prison for what he's doing.

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Top Ten Types of Women to Avoid

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Game of Thrones is the Ultimate Feminist Propaganda: Nothing but Beta Males and Alpha Women

Although Game Of Thrones, at first glance, appears to be about war, blood, loyalty, family, and betrayal, a closer look will reveal that the entire cast is filled with alpha women tolerating weak, emasculated, orbiting, deformed, insane, beta males.
The women all have a vision to rule the Seven Kingdoms from the Iron Throne. The men are pathetic, with few exceptions. This complete role reversal from medieval-like times actually represented, when women gathered, cooked, and raised children while the men hunted and ruled, perpetuates the current trend of grrrl power and men-hatred that has metastasized throughout our entertainment industry.

The women

Game of Thrones is the Ultimate Feminist Propaganda: Nothing but Beta Males and Alpha Women
A collection of viscous, nasty sluts
Cersei:  Queen of the Iron Throne, for now. Rules her brother, who should be king. She joyfully kills all who cross her, and any innocents who may get in the way.
Daenerys: Queen of the Dragons and a bunch of other titles. She has some moral qualities like freeing slaves, and is the quintessential “crazy cat lady” surrounded by her loyal, deadly pets dragons.
Olenna Tyrell: The true power behind the House Tyrell (while alive). Even at 80-some years old, she was far tougher than almost any man on this show.
Yara Greyjoy: Self-proclaimed commander of the 14 seas, usurping her brother and uncle. Gets more women than both combined.
Brienne: A six-and-a-half-foot tall mammoth woman who is loyal to a fault and tougher than almost any man on the show. She also kills men with ease.
Lyanna Mormont: A 10-year-old girl who makes grown men cower with fear with her ferocious onslaught of orders, common sense, loyalty, and honor. Any man would be proud to be half as tough as she.
Arya Stark: The second youngest alpha on the show and the toughest. On a mission to kill everyone who has harmed her or her family, including Cersei, who is probably the evilest person on the show.
Sansa Stark: Queen of the North. A natural leader. Grown men, including her older brother Jon Stark, listen to her advice and follow her commands.

Now the “men”

Samwell Tarly: The ultimate beta.  He took in a Wildling, an unforgivable act to his family and his people, and is raising her son, who he allowed to be named after himself. This caused him to be excommunicated and disinherited by his father, a true alpha, who is not part of the show. Also, there is a fair chance that Samwell has impregnated the Wildling. We shall see.
Tyrion Lannister: The smartest person on the show, but he’s a midget. There is nothing wrong with being a midget. However, this is medieval times, and midgets are called “imps,” and they are not respected. Tyrion has had to talk his way out of death many times, and even his family tried to kill him.
Jamie Lannister: Made babies with his sister, who rules him as his queen. Doesn’t seem to have any interest in other women, despite being dashingly handsome. Also, only has one hand.
Theon Greyjoy: Tortured and neutered by Ramsay, Theon has gladly allowed his sister to rule him. During battle, he jumped ship instead of trying to save his sister.
Jorah Mormont: The ultimate orbiter. Banished by Daenerys so many times that she finally gave up and allowed him to return. A better example for the friend zone has never been found.
The Hound: A big bad-ass, true. But, he’s deformed, afraid of campfires, and was almost killed by a little girl.
The Mountain: One of the fiercest men in the kingdom. But he’s the queen’s slave.
Varys: Neutered and loyal only to himself. And a fag. Game of Thrones almost refuses to allow any man to be what that society would consider “normal”.
Littlefinger: Sold Sansa, a teenager, to Ramsay. Then tried to have sex with her. Some might call this an alpha move, but he sold a virgin to a twisted psycho and then tried to get sloppy seconds from her afterwards, despite their 20-plus year age difference. Pathetic.
Ramsay: Dead now, but a twisted, evil torturer who loved to watch people burn, get skinned, and get eaten alive by his dogs. Probably the most hated character on the show, rivaling only Joffrey.
The list isn’t complete, but I’ve made my point: under the guise of warring families ruling for control of the known world, the show is actually the ultimate example of bossy women controlling pathetic men. War, blood, battles, and breasts are thrown in as a distraction to keep the men who are watching distracted from the fact that their very essence of manhood is being subliminally evaporated by a society that celebrates beta males supplicating to frigid females.
Game of Thrones (GOT) isn’t the only show where you’ll find this current trend of go-girl writing. Or of Athena-like women displaying amazing powers. Atomic Blonde, Wonder Woman and Kidnap are recent examples of attempts by the industry to capitalize on the trend. If you want to see weak men, you only need to head over to Silicon Valley and take your pick. Big Bang Theory is beta male paradise.
Big Bang Theory is beta male paradise.
Or, watch Chris Pratt’s character, in Passengers, wake up Jennifer Lawrence (who has higher-level access to everything, of course) ninety years early because he’s lonely. Stop fast-forwarding for a minute, watch almost any commercial featuring a married couple, and you’ll quickly see a stupid man being berated by a bossy woman.
Jews are promoting weak men literally everywhere in entertainment. This misandry has become our new zeitgeist, and it’s not getting better. We need more male characters with qualities like Jon Snow from GOT, who risked his life refusing to bend a knee to Daenerys, and John Wick, who calmly killed the enemy while dressed to the nines.
Classic Alpha Male
I long for the days when men like Eastwood, Stallone, and Schwarzenegger ruled the screen. Or Norris, Van Damme, and Statham. These men were pure alphas who took no shit from any man or woman, and, more importantly, lived in a society where that was accepted.
Unfortunately, today we live in a society that is in its heyday celebrating the beta male.
For now.

Meet The CUNDT: Converged, Urban, Narcissistic, Delusional Tubbo

You are about to enter another dimension of the sexual market. A dimension not only of unsightly fat and scolding schoolmarmery, but of repulsive loudmouthed bitterbitches. A journey into a worthless land of self-entitled fat Hillary-loving bitches. Next stop, the Would Not Bang Zone!
Via AutoAdmit, a gem quality thread has coalesced around the story of a fat chick in DC — Jesse Peterson — who was the featured coastal shitlibopolis representative of her swelling species in a Bezos Post Date Lab social experiment designed to prove the pointlessness of pursuing the post-femininity American cow. A couple of AAers put it best,
Date: August 3rd, 2017 9:04 AM
Author: Ozzie Canseco
its incredible how women are all converging to this one horrible personality.
Date: August 3rd, 2017 9:06 AM
Author: LTDanCaffey
It’s like all single shrews in major metros are morphing into some hybrid of Sarah Jessica Parker in SitC and the shrew from Eat, Pray, Fuck with some BeyoncĂ© girl power mixed in.
A little background on Jesse, emeritus rider of the cock carousel, courtesy of her About page at her dating blog (aka the place she collates the wretchedness of her personality and will come to regret when she’s 40, unmarried, and sleeping with a small army of cats nestled in her gut folds):
Hey betches,
Welcome to Tinder District! I’m so glad you’re here, even though you may not be able to tell through my chronic RBF.
Afeminine? Check.
My name is J. I’m 23 years old, live in Washington, DC, and by day I do management consulting.
Anti-natalist careercunt? Check.
By night (and weekend), however, I’m a serial dater.
Slut, or pretensions to sluttery? Check.
Since I started this blog in July 2015 (when it was; really rolls of the tongue, right?),
Grandiose self-conception as a dazzling prose stylist belied by horribly dull writing? Check.
I have been on over 100 first dates.
Unloveable? Check.
Two have turned into relationships (thank God those went nowhere),
Allergic to accountability for her decisions? Check.
many were good, several turned into second and even third dates – but that’s not why I’m here. The thing that keeps me coming back is the bad dates – the ones that turn into a story for me to tell my close friends, future grandchildren, and the entire Internet.
Attention whore? Check.
Oh, and the free drinks and meals. Those also keep me coming back.
Low sexual market value chick unable to date anyone but supplicating beta males who eagerly foot her bill for a chance to pork her oinky trough? Check.
So, welcome, readers! I hope you get a laugh, a nugget of useful life advice, or something new to read while at work contemplating quitting your shitty job.
And a recent photo of Jesse, for context in which to place her empty try-hard braggadocio:

She’s a 5 without the insulating layer of blubber, a 2 with it.
Sadly, Jesse is not an outlier. The shitlib cities are filled with CUNDTs like herself: totally converged into the technofemcuntyassqueen man-hating spiteborg, committed to spending their prime nubility years hunting elusive alpha males in the urban junglelove, narcissistic to a degree that would have shocked Narcissus, delusional about their sexual and romantic appeal, and more often than not carrying an extra five or fifty pounds.
Is it any wonder American men have stopped “manning up” and taken nuptial (read: financial) responsibility for these ingrate shoggoths? Women, if you struggle to find a man worthy of your curated and well-marbled self-image, look in the mirror and read the reactions of the world outside your dating blog to your crass behavior and shitty personality. 100 dates in one year? That’s not a banner to wave proudly; it’s a red flag that your goods are rotten.
How obnoxious is this bitch? From her Instawhore:
In her words, she had an awful date and hated the man with whom she was paired, yet she still wanted to exploit his graciousness by copping an “appeal deal” with him to rate each other equivalently in the Bezos Post-Op Date Lab story, so that she could continue to look good to her blog audience of aspiring spinsters. Thankfully, our intrepid beta male found an ounce of scrotal juice still circulating in his manhood and rated her lower than the entitled blobster demanded to be rated.
Management consultant Jesse Peterson, 23, describes herself as “just about the friendliest and most outgoing person there is.”
So friendly she hastily pens post-date snarkbait shitting all over the men who buy her drinks.
She also loves working out, bottomless brunch and a slightly dark sense of humor.
Working out => is 40 pounds overweight
Bottomless brunch => boundless bottom
Dark sense of humor => confuses hackneyed sarcasm for humor
I was much more nervous before this date than any Bumble or Tinder date. I’ve been on dates with a few Dans, and all of them were weird.
The fault lies not with the Dans.
We talked about favorite foods — I write a cooking and baking blog.
Avoid unmarried women who are a little too into cooking. That goes double-chinned for women into blogging about cooking.
And I write a dating blog.
If a chick admitted this to me on a first date, I would walk out immediately, no reason given. At the very least, a chick who feels comfortable telling me this doesn’t respect my refined taste in women and unapologetically high standards.
I’m just interested in exploring people and opportunities and dating culture.
Every girl who has told me she’s into “exploring people” was really into exploring herself for the umpteenth time and receiving external validation for it from the people she claims to want to explore. And “opportunities” is just slutspeak for “cockas”.
Dan: I can’t date a vegetarian; I left hungry. I got home and I ordered a turkey leg.
Vegetarian girls are more often fat than thin. That should tell them something, but when the world revolves around them and mirrors are magical devices found only in Harry Potter books, then one could be forgiven for assuming these broads have an intrinsic ability to put 2 and 2 together. Or maybe their concept of vegetarian is “a plate full of greasy fries and a side of pizza”.
I’m not ready for the gawking to end yet. From another dating-is-hell-on-fatties post at her Unloved Fatty blog:
I didn’t particularly care about continuing to talk to Jack, and I also ignore literally all CMB notifications I receive, so I did nothing.
The attention whore loves accumulating dating apps, so she can proudly claim she ignores them all. It would not suffice to simply not have the dating app on the iPhag. She must have it and not have it, grasshopper.
Jack, however, reached out.
“Men want me, they really want me!”
Jack – Want to get margaritas soon?
J – Sure!
So, I sent him my phone number – because anyone who wants to buy me a margarita is a friend of mine.
From its inception, CH has advised men to avoid buying drinks for women. To this day, the advice retains its merit.
It was two full days before I got a message from Jack, but he made up for his tardiness with sweeping romantic apology.
Jack – Hey, this is Jack from that bagel app
Ahh, pure poetry.
Got her attention. (Keep it short and sweet, gentlemen. The ladies love a self-possessed shitlord.)
FYI her blog is filled with those retarded pop culture gifs that women love. They acquire the habit from their gay besties.
We continued talking for a while, including a brief stint in which my friend took over my phone and sent him a long message about the superfood benefits of kale (#bless kale), when our conversation turned to the events we had planned for the weekend.

From the second I saw the ‘Yikes’ I knew something was amiss. But I was unsure what it was at first – did he frown upon the fact that I had not left all signs of neon and tutu back in college? Was he unnerved that I was not spending the weekend reading the latest political novel?
Like most straight men with a T level above 1, he’s disgusted by homosex and by the sassy platitude-spouting libchicks who latch onto the gay glorification gravy train in the hopes of tarting up their social media feeds with more colorful selfies.
All of that would have been better than his response. What do you mean you find it “off-putting”? You are aware you live in a country founded on the right to do all of those things, correct?
“Off-putting” doesn’t mean “deny the right of fag assembly”, you dumb bint.
I pressed on.
She persisted.

Ohhhhhhhh no. OH NO. I considered leaping off the nearest cliff to escape such ignorance.
She would’ve bounced back unscathed.
“inside a social construct decided by other people that doesn’t let you blah blah”…..typical poopytalk from your typical nasty woman. This is why fatties and other undesirable women glom onto social constructivist shitliberalism: the lies provide a handy rationale for explaining away, say, their lack of portion control. The CUNDT’s dating woes are never her fault; it’s always “men” or “douchebags” or “bigots” or “Trump supporters” or “society”.
She then feverishly texts Jack the Shitlord to “put him in his place”, and what she imagines as an epic BTFO of her antagonist just comes across like a butthurt fatty going well out of her way to make some stupid political point lost in the noise of her emotional incontinence.
Was Trayvon Martin ‘playing the victim’ when he was killed in an ethnic hate crime?
Surprise, a conformist GoodWhite plays the Saint Trayvon card! Newsflash, fatty, Trayvon pounced on Zimmerman the Hispanic hero and in the commission of his assault and battery received a load of lead in return. Tray Tray got his just desserts.
Were the 49 lives lost in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre ‘playing the victim’ when their lives were unjustly ripped from them in a homophobic hate crime?
Funny, she forgot to mention that the Pulse gayclub killer was a Muslim.
Was I, or any other victim of sexual assault, PLAYING THE FUCKING VICTIM when we were raped, had our self-worth and self-confidence, not to mention ability to trust and, I don’t know, ability to sleep through the night without having a panic attack, STRIPPED FROM US BY A MAN WHO DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER?
Ten to one she was never raped.
One hundred to one if she was raped, it was by a black guy.
One thousand to one her conception of “rape” is really an ego-assuaging morning after regret rape rationalization for throwing herself at yet another garbage hour loser.
I was outraged. I would have killed him right then, if my insurance covered it.
The only thing you’re killing fatty is a plate of donuts.
Instead, I put him on blast in the betchiest way I know how
Shitlib women crave putting wrongthinkers “on blast”, and announcing their declared victory in war to whomever will listen. They’re like George Costanza thinking up a comeback zinger well after the moment has passed. It’s pure humiliation gotcha fantasy, a pageantry of the ego without substance, meant in the retelling to impress a very stupid and dull coterie of equally LSMV rejects more accustomed to getting ignored by high quality men than to putting those unattainable men in their places.
– by saying I felt sorry for him, using his own words against him, and turning the tables around.
I’m sure he was utterly destroyed by your lethal psy ops campaign.
He continued to not see the error of his ways and be the literal worst.
Resentful woman unable to convince man to cater to her feelz has literal meltdown in ASCII.
I’m out. I’m done! I can’t handle it anymore. I can’t handle humans or fuckboys or ignorance or Trump or anything that’s not at least 13% ABV or laced with THC.
This is the mewling of a woman who has experienced failure after failure in her search for a boyfriend. Naturally, she blames Trump.
So, fam, if you encounter an ignorant fuckboy along the lines of Jack, just remember that the best solution is to screenshot the conversation and put the entire thing in your Snapchat story and on the internet. Because, friends, it happens to the best of us.
So, fellow cundts, if you encounter a man who won’t tolerate your vapid lib bullshit and grating personality, just remember that the best solution is to publicly broadcast your private conversations with him in the hope that you’ll inspire a chorus of sympathetic losers to cheerlead your self-immolation and validate your desire to humiliate those who won’t feed your egotistical, self-absorbed, status striving herdthink.
The final word on the CUNDT and her species of post-America millennial woman:
they pair up with modern genderless shitlib males and get into those punching bag relationships where the wife is in the driver seat so both of their lives just sort of end up doing donuts, swerving into oncoming traffic, etc. if they have money they end up brunching and biking a lot and talking about global warming and refugees and rescue dogs. the woman becomes mean and haggard and a public nuisance and the man just looks at the floor a lot. looks like hell but tons of men jump right into it early and never reassess.
Good news. The Reassessing has begun. DOTR has a new meaning, and shitlib femcunt fatties will be hardest hit.

From Goolag Shitlackey To MAGA Shitlord: The Transformation of James Damore, blood sacrifice of the satanic leftist freak circus

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Whites excluded from student housing


This is EXACTLY how NASA fakes everything

Stages of Decline after a Society Becomes Infected by social justice feminist lesbians

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What is a barometric bomb?

the CIA Spies on Our Everyday Life

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Nasa faking being in space in early 1980s.