Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rule 11

11) A bro will never ever leave his bros without a ride. A bro may never be allowed to walk alone more than 2 blocks.

This rule is of course, just being a good bro. Those bros who have vehicles in their possession  should at all times share the wealth and drive. It is more than acceptable to suggest another mode of transport however if a bro should be low on gas. Walking is great to avoid the wasting of gas, and it also happens to be healthy, unless you get hit by a car. 

Therefore a bro may not be allowed to walk more than 2 blocks by himself. If a bro intends to do this, pick him up, or walk with him. The world is a wide place, and there are many things a person misses out on by choosing to walk or ride. 

Walking forces bros to slow down, and take in the scenery around them. You may meet people you would not have met if you drove and see things and do things that otherwise would not have been. Driving however affords the luxury of the car stereo, and the comfort of sitting. Driving allows bros to get to farther distances at an obviously greater speed.

Therefore it is good bro practice to walk when you can, to save gas and be healthy. And save all of the driving for when its needed. Example being to reach that one party your coworker is throwing on the other end of town. 

Keep the stoke my bros!