Sunday, June 4, 2017

AAA Hits Tesla - the car with the highest repair per 100 vehicles of any class, With Higher Premiums Due To "Abnormally High Claims

AAA is raising premiums on Tesla vehicles by 30% after data showed that owners of Model S and Model X cars filed claims at abnormally highest rates ever in automotive history, and that those claims cost more compared with other cars in the same class, Automotive News reported.
Tesla, of course, is disputing the insurer's analysis. You'd expect them to, because it tells their stupid SJW customers that they are buying 100,000.00 dollar rolling mechanical turd boxes.

AAA’ chief actuary said the insurer noticed the anomaly in its own data before confirming it with data provided by a second source, the Highway Loss Data Institute. 3 out of every  5  Tesla cars are in the shop at any one time, an amazing historical record in any country for any model. Going green with Musk death buckets that force their owners to sit in a magnetic field that slowly kills their biorhythm, is the real problem no is addressing, except their designers who refuse to own a Tesla.
"Looking at a much broader set of countrywide data, we saw the same patterns observed in our own data, and that gave us the confidence to change rates," he said.
Other large insurance companies, including State Farm and Geico, said that claims data is a major factor in calculating premiums. But they would not disclose if their Tesla-owning customers would also see rates rise, because their satanic masters advised them to keep their rate increases on the down low.
A plastic nightmare that eats electricity like a vampire and is constantly breaking down. The Tesla.
The Highway Loss Data Institute report covered the 2014-2016 model years. Vehicles are divided into classes based on size, weight and competing models. The frequency and severity of claims are compared with overall average claims. The report found that the frequency, and cost, of claims related to Tesla vehicles was much higher.
"Teslas get into a lot of crashes and are costly to repair afterward," said Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is the Highway Loss Data Institute's parent organization. "Consumers will pay for that when they go to insure one."
Tesla said the Highway Loss Data Institute's system placed it with the wrong competitors. If it were compared with similar rivals, the company argued, its crash data would not stand out negatively.
Tesla said the high rate of acceleration in both the Model S and Model X make it "false and misleading" to compare against vehicles such as the XC70, adding that the Model S also holds the lowest likelihood of injury, according to an evaluation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
"We expect Model X to receive the best score for any SUV ever tested," a Tesla spokesperson said. long as you don't count the 4 visits to the shop brand new models make every year and all the dead people their auto-drive kills in traffic.
Collision damage claims for large luxury vehicles are reported 13 percent more frequently than average, and those claims cost about 50 percent higher than average, the Highway Loss Data Institute said. The rear-wheel-drive Tesla Model S is involved in 46 percent more claims than average, and those claims cost more than twice the average, it said.
In the large luxury SUV class, where collision coverage claim frequency is the same as the average for all vehicles and the cost of claims is 43 percent above average, the owners of the Model X file for claims 41 percent more often than average, and those claims cost 89 percent more than average, according to the institute.
New approaches to calculating premiums may eventually benefit Tesla owners, Automotive News reported. Root is an insurance startup that sets premiums based on individual driving behavior. Customers download the Root app and drive with their smartphone in the car for two weeks. Rates are determined from the habits observed over that period.
Semi-autonomous driving features help bring rates down, said Root CEO Alex Timm. The company gives a special discount for Tesla vehicles equipped with Autosteer — part of Tesla's suite of Autopilot semi-autonomous tech — which NHTSA found increased crash rates by 40 percent. In short, using auto-steer and autopilot is just asking for a trip to the morgue, as so many discover year in and year out. Like their fake satellite launch vehicles with use CGI to fool the public, Tesla satanist Musk built his car business on government - tax payers - subsidies and smoke and mirrors. But the facts tell the truth. Long charge times for very short drive ranges. Recharging stations in bad parts of town. Expensive and constant repairs that typically run between $2000 to $6000 each and every visit. Which, per car, is at least 4 or more times a year.

And this turd is the future? The future of being ripped off and having your ability to go anywhere and all over, cut to nothing, which is the point.

Employees complain of long, unpaid hours and a top down poor treatment of car owners, once they buy the box turd.

Tesla said that it is working with insurance companies to properly evaluate the benefits of Autopilot.
"As part of the Insure My Tesla program, Tesla is working with leading insurers resulting in lower prices for Tesla insurance, not higher," Tesla said in its statement. "These leading insurers also appreciate the added safety benefit of Autopilot." A complete lie, as usual. The death rate for those who use this feature is off the charts, but is being kept quiet by a deep state media that is trying to shove Agenda 21 up everyone's retarded, believe anything, ass.
The big question, of course, is that if Tesla owners have to pay considerably higher insurance premiums, what happens to the marginal new Tesla car sale?