Sunday, May 14, 2017

BitterBitchMarch - no kidding, that's the name the fascists call their march

Lesbian witches want the death of the white man, to kill out the bloodline of Adam anyway possible. It's the point of all this open border shit.

am convinced that the elegant mechanisms nature employs to cleanse dead weight from the system have been thwarted, momentarily, by modernity. But you cannot subvert nature. A correction is inevitable. The Trumpening was not just a prolific political correction, but an inescapable consequence.

The decline of our once great nation can be summarized in this photo taken from the raging cunt march, which in itself is a great anecdote for our social degeneration.

Everywhere in the photo you see fat, entitled white women, long past their reproductive years. Their porcine faces twist with hate as they focus energy that should have been spent on rearing a family into paroxysms of political rage.

Also, notice the token low T, supplicating NOWAG on the left, hoping to get a sympathy fuck from some sloppy elephantine ham beast.

The only thing missing is the miscegenated mystery meat baby, but the ‘We  immigrants’ sign is close enough.  Open borders = white genocide.

There look to have been very few pretty young women at this BitterBitchMarch. All I’ve seen are skanks and bloated middle-aged harridans (and their loser male orbiters).

The more of these female dregs that kill their posterity in the womb, the better for society in the long run.